Thinking of joining the Golden Visa club? Let's look at the key options.

Thinking of joining the Golden Visa club? Let's look at the key options.

Gold is most definitely a symbol of success and you don’t have to be a millionaire to be eligible for a Golden Residency Visa in the UAE. Like us, you have that tingly feeling of receiving a 10-Year guarantee of residency for you and your loved ones and you have loads of questions and thoughts on how it could change your life.

Let’s take a look at the who, where, and how to get you started.

The most important question first, who is eligible?

You need to fit into one of the categories of either an Investor, Entrepreneur, Student, or Special Talent. So, you are either already wealthy, delivered a major project, a high-scoring graduate from the UAE, or just a super-nice-extremely-talented individual-that-truly-deserves-one! If you don’t fit into any category then you may still be invited by the government or you can ask a good friend to nominate you.

You don't have to be a millionaire to get a golden visa, but if you don't have any special talent, then it helps!

Where can I apply?

There are several programs available and more being announced quite regularly. Whilst Immigration is granted on a federal level, the administration process varies according to applications in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Free Zones. If you are reading this from outside the UAE, the good news is that you can also apply and you would also be eligible for a special 6-month visit visa to help you organize your application and longer-term plans.

How can I apply?

Often more choice means more complexity and specialist advice is recommended to avoid disappointment. We can assist you in preparing for and submitting your application as well as guiding you through the various options and any responses to government. Whilst an application is subject to Immigration approval and is not guaranteed to be successful, some careful consideration and planning will give you the best chance of success.

What If I Get Approved?

Your visa will be valid for 10 Years, renewable and you will be eligible to sponsor your family as well as many other benefits.

Finally, don’t forget to celebrate, post it all over social media and oh, you need to maintain your status according to the type of application you were approved under.