We begin by listening and learning about you, so that we can understand what drives you, and where you want to be.


Let us be your guide to getting started.

Decisions need to be made as to whether you are best served with an Onshore, Offshore or Free Zone jurisdiction within one or more of the 7 Emirates.

We will guide you through the many variables in the planning stage so that you can benefit from a tax-efficient, operationally compliant and equitable balance between your goals and local regulation.

Human Resources

Let us take the strain.

You manage your people and let us take care of the transaction side. Our comprehensive support services are delivered intelligently and efficiently via our integrated technologies cover Recruitment, HR, Payroll & PRO services from hire to retire.

Visa Concierge

Everything you need to live, study and work.

When it comes to living in the UAE, again there are so many options of how to achieve short or long-term residency. We will guide you expertly through the options of residence for work, study, investment or even retirement as we have done so already for thousands of people.


We understand the local culture ...

Doing business in any foreign country needs a strong understanding of the local legal and cultural framework. This can be even more the case in the Middle East where local values drive everything in business. We share our local knowledge and insight with our clients to achieve success.

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