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We deliver cloud-based automation for Recruitment, HR, & PRO teams to work together, seamlessly.

As a Microsoft Partner, we specialize in delivering cloud based solutions for the full life-cycle of your employees. Integrating our own ONE Platform with other applications, to create a unified experience

Do more with our solutions and --- put tiles of various features here , request approve track, notifications ( 4 features)....

Use these cards when you want to display content with an image, such as a blog post or product. They’re built with CSS grid to enable the 3-column layout. When you select the “Cards Grid Container,” you’ll see a red icon on the top right. Click the icon to edit the number of columns, the column gap, and more!


Initiate service requests with ease. Document catalogues are designed for your organization and PRO processes in mind.


Stakeholder approvals are automatically routed according to your organization profile for fast approval, rejection or return to requestor.


Manage the progress of your requests from your PRO delivery team directly from the tracker dashboard.


Instant email notifications to stakeholders and related people on progress as well as sharing the final document.

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